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rdiff-backup-web is a web front-end to rdiff-backup, a command-line incremental backup application written by Ben Escoto.

The main web interface of rdiff-backup-web is written in php with a mysql backend. The backups are actually run using a command line python script that can be set up as a cron job. The application was originally written to do a specific task at the company I work for, but it turns out that it might be handy to other people.

This is currently ALPHA quality software.


New Release:

Version 0.5 is a big changes and improvements with a new backend script:

  • Process_backup script now written in Python as opposed to Perl. Did this as I am a far better Python programmer than Perl. Also allowed me to remove the dependancy on the PHP:Include CPAN module. This also allows the posibility to directally call functions from rdiff-backup that is also written in Python.
  • Created Local back up option
  • Added NFS support
  • Added Samba Support
  • Fixed SQL script Bug and some PHP UI bugs.

I didi do some work on the doco included with the package but i am going to review again and may re-release this package with some better doco.

New Developer: Hi all my name is Dale Stirling and i am maintaining the rdiff-backup-web project at the moment. I have found this app very valuable in some of the things that I am doing where I work and am hoping to share these and add to the project as time permits. Feel free to drop me a line and letr me know of any suggestions or feedback.


New Site: Over the next few weeks this site will be changing as i bring it inline with the same look and feel that I will be introducing to rdiff-backup-web in version 0.6. I hope you like the changes :)

New Release: Version 0.4 has several improvements over previous incarnations:

  • Now you can use SSH connections, if you follow Dean Gaudet's instructions for unattended rdiff-backup here.
  • Also, an unexpected bonus of adding the SSH backup type (well, unexpected to me, anyway) has been to allow local backups. Just set the "Path to Orig Files" to be /path
  • Files and directories are listed using a tree-style view, rather than a big list of files.
  • You can deactivate a backup with a single click, but it remains in the system to be reactivated with a similar, singular, click.
  • You can now back up to a different location than the default, simply by using a leading / in the backup location field (useful for backing up to a mounted USB drive, etc).
  • There is now one required perl module, PHP::Include by Ed Summers, which can be downloaded and installed using CPAN (instructions in the readme).
  • Oh, and unlike the previous release, this might actually work :-)

Update: Wait, scratch that last statement. It would work right if character 37 of line 88 of backup.sql was a comma instead of a semi-colon. So the line that reads
    administrator tinyint(4) default 0;
in the CREATE TABLE users section should actually read
    administrator tinyint(4) default 0,
cos otherwise it won't work. Damned if I know how that got in there! Thanks to Jacob Emcken for spotting it, and I'll make sure that it's fixed next update.


Files are released through the project's sourceforge page

The current version is 0.05, available here. Download it, untar it using tar -zxvf rdiff-backup-web_0.05.tar.gz, then read the included README file for installation and use instructions.

Please bear in mind that this is ALPHA QUALITY software, and should be approached with caution. Have a play, tell me what you think.


Thanks to:
rdiff-backup created by Ben Escoto

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